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In 2014, climate frustration reached an all time high among several of us, as we were seeing no signs of real leadership among our politicians or the majority of our companies. So, we looked into how we as individuals could fight climate change. What we found was truly inspiring!

Yes, it does matter what we do as individuals - when we come together and work towards the same goal. Teaming up with leading experts in climate data and climate psychology, we prototyped Ducky - a tool that can nudge people towards sustainability.

We're trying every day to make it easier for individuals, organisations, businesses, schools and politicians to take on sustainable actions and kick-start the green shift.

Self-managing Organisation

Ducky is a self-managing organisation where hierarchy is replaced with purpose and passion. All co-workers are leaders towards a common purpose!

A company where everyone is a leader.

We believe that all companies should only exist to meet societal needs. When a company is guided by these needs, the traditional hierarchy is no longer required.

  • We are a purpose driven company

    In Ducky, our common purpose is contributing to a sustainable planet, and as co-workers we trust each other to perform all the tasks on our way because we follow our passion, and not because we are told to do so. We work toward positive societal change every day, and through collaboration we create amazing services and profit used to maximize our social value.

  • A meaningful workplace

    When we started Ducky in 2014 we wanted an organisational structure that in itself impacts the world positively. A model that supports the innovation and creation of real, continuous change favoring a sustainable planet. A workplace that empowers us to follow up on ideas and initiatives we are passionate about. Ducky’s company objectives are important, but more important are the ideas, creativity and dedication of each employee working to achieve those objectives.


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